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New house plan: How to place the WC?

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What is the House plan ideal new? This is a question that everyone wants to answer when they do build his house. This is the last room you think of and yet the toilets are an essential room in the house and their location should not be overlooked. How to design them? Where to place them? How to arrange them? Here are some answers.


How many toilets on my new house plan?

If in the past, the majority of houses had only one WC, today, they are multiplying to offer more comfort to the inhabitants of the house. The number of toilets generally depends on the size of the house and the number of occupants. In a traditional two- to three-bedroom house for an average-sized family, one toilet is enough, but two provide more freedom for each member of the household.

New house plan: Where to place the toilet?

Placing the toilet helps to design the plan of his house. Indeed, they must be both close to the living rooms and the sleeping area.
In multi level house, the ideal is to place a WC per floor. The WC on the ground floor will be located between the day area and the sleeping area, and will be easily identifiable by the guests.
For greater simplicity and to limit costs, we generally group together the water features. The toilets are therefore often located not far from the bathroom. In two-storey house, the toilets will be located around the same water column to limit evacuations.
Think about your guests. The ideal is for them to easily locate the toilets as soon as they enter the dwelling. In the entrance or the adjoining corridor, they will be easily accessible by all.


The toilets in the bathroom offer a significant space saving.


Separate WC or in the bathroom?

It is obviously preferable to have Separate WC for more privacy and hygiene. The objective is also to simplify daily life because the water features are strategic areas, where you meet constantly. With some separate toilet, the bathroom remains free when the toilets are occupied. But, when we plan the house, everything depends on the size of the latter. The toilet in the bathroom saves space in particular because it requires only one entrance door. Privacy can be partly preserved by an interior wall, for example. The solution is sometimes to have a separate WC and a second located in the second bathroom.

Take care of the soundproofing of the toilets

Nothing worse than not having a bit of privacy in the bathroom. To avoid disturbing noises, the walls of the toilets will be soundproofed. A sufficient thickness ofsound insulation placed between the plasterboard walls prevents sounds from coming out of the room. The door will also be chosen with care to guarantee a soundproof room.

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2 toilets for this four-bedroom house to simplify everyday life. Model Contemporary Carat from Maisons Sic.

House plan: What layout for its WC?

Choosing toilets: free-standing or wall-hung in a new home?

More economical and classic, the free-standing toilet suitable for all toilets. THE Suspended toilet is fixed on a suitable wall frame which groups the flush and the evacuation. Discreet, this wall frame is often hidden in the thickness of the wall. If it is more expensive, the wall frame facilitates cleaning since it frees the floor from any base. The flush, built into the wall, is also easier to clean.

Securing your toilet

The standard models are placed at a height of approximately 45 centimeters. To make life easier for the elderly or disabled, there are versions that are approximately 50 cm taller. Wall-hung toilets are installed at the desired height.

Economic hunts

Flushing the toilet is a real waste since conventional toilets consume nearly 9 liters of drinking water with each flush. Every second is 3171 liters of drinking water used in toilets in France, which could largely be avoided. Prefer toilets with dual control flushes which adapt the flow as needed and prefer 3/6 liter flushes.

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Storage and hand wash

Even in small toilets, it is possible to install a hand basin and some storage. A vanity unit will hide the toilet paper to free up floor space.
There are washbasins of all sizes to fit easily into all spaces. To hang, or to put on a small vanity unit, it is placed on a wall or in an angle.
For smaller spaces, a toilet with hand basin integrated above the flush is possible.


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