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Choose one house builder in the Landes is the best way to quickly realize your dream of new house near the ocean. that you wish build near Dax, find a land on Hagetmau ou Mont de Marsan, this construction professional knows the department well and will be able to inform you of the best land opportunities in the Landes. Beyond that, he is aware of the standards, regulations and local specificities, to build a comfortable, beautiful house adapted to its environment.


Build a varied territory in the moors

Large department of about 220 km long and a hundred wide, the Landes, located in the South West of France, offer a pleasant living environment for those who like a soft climate, unspoilt nature and above all theocean. The landscape thus oscillates between large fine sandy beaches and a pine forest which is one of the largest in Europe, large natural lakes and wild waterways. This varied nature promises multiple aquatic and nautical activities: surfing, paddleboarding, boating, fishing, kayaking... Less crowded than the Côte d'Azur, the Basque coast or Arcachon bay, Landes are a territory still preserved which remains pleasant both for daily living and for spending holidays.

Can we build a traditional Landes house?

THELandes architecture is immediately recognizable by its half-timbering and wide roofs. There is also a Gascon habitat with two-storey houses and triangular pediments, as well as mansions often in stone. Wood frame apparent, straw or brick filling, the materials used are simple and above all local. A home builders in the Landes as Sic houses who owns an agency Mont de Marsan has acquired over the years an in-depth knowledge of the region and its architectural characteristics. This expertise allows the Landes house builder to design houses that blend harmoniously into the environment. Specialized in wood frame house and brick house, Sic houses adapts ancestral and local techniques to design high-performance and contemporary.

In which towns in the Landes should you build?

The Landes offers several cities and towns where you might consider build your house. 85% of the population lives in a municipality located in a city catchment area. Inland, the areas of attraction of Mont de Marsan et Dax thus concentrate half of the population of the department.

landes population map
Area of ​​attraction of the Landes towns insee

What are the land prices in the Landes?

Unsurprisingly, it's on the Atlantic coast that prices are the highest and land is becoming scarcer. Currently, the average price of land in the Landes of 500 m2 starts at 15000 euros for rural areas and reaches 113000 euros closer to the Atlantic coast. But all this hides strong disparities, as explained by the Seloger website.


At what price to build in Mont-de-Marsan?

Mont-de-Marsan is the prefecture of Landes department. It is a dynamic city that offers many services and amenities. It is also well located, near the coast and the Landes forest. Its area of ​​attraction extends over a hundred municipalities for a total population of 101 inhabitants. For a plot of 000 m500, it will cost an average of 2 euros.

Find land in Dax

City Dax offers many advantages. This spa town renowned for its hot waters and its wellness centres, has traditional architecture and a beautiful historical heritage. Dax is about thirty kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean. THE average price of a 500 m2 plot of land in Dax would be 72000 euros, again with very strong disparities depending on the area.

Land prices in Capbreton and Soorts-Hossegor soar

A popular destination for surfers, but also golfers, Soorts-Hossegor attracts many water sports and outdoor enthusiasts. The city benefits from an exceptional natural setting between the ocean, the lake and the forest. Next to, Capbreton delights visitors with its marina and relaxed atmosphere. This exceptional environment and the proximity to theSpain and Pays Basque drive prices up 800/1 €/m000, i.e. €400 minimum for 000 m500.

Price of land on the Landes coast: Biscarrosse and Mimizan

Equally popular with surfers, the towns of Biscarrosse as well as Spoil are known for their vast sandy beaches, lakes and water activities. An ideal and lively holiday resort but also an attractive place to live. These cities cheaper than the Arcachon bay or Pays Basque see the flow of land buyers as explained this article of SudToulouse-Ouest magazine.

GPSO Landes and South West TGV
The Grand Projet du Sud-Ouest (GPSO) should increase the attractiveness of the Landes.

Landes: where to invest to build with the arrival of new TGV lines?

Le Great Southwest Project (GPSO) should add new TGV lines bringing the Landes ever closer to the rest of France. It would be to connect Dax to Spain, but also to connect Bordeaux , and Dax. These projects could greatly increase the flow of travelers and thus stimulate tourism and the local economy.


Why build a wooden house in the Landes?

The timber frame houses designed by Maisons Sic take up the principles ofLandes architecture or the structure was traditionally half-timbered. Now hidden under a wood siding or a coating, wood is still relevant. This healthy and ecological material proves its qualities and allows all kinds of audacity, from traditional Landes house in the most contemporary forms. There wood frame house also offers very high thermal performance thanks to a reinforced insulation which allows you to benefit from great comfort and low electricity bills.

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Can we build a mixed wood-brick house in the Landes?

We have seen it, the half-timbered houses with a filling of bricks are legion in the region. Sic houses was inspired by the comfort felt in these traditional houses to develop wood-brick mixed-use houses. The latter combine the two constructive principles developed over the past 50 years by Sic houses. The houses are thus composed of timber frame walls and brick walls. The objective is multiple: it makes it possible to reduce the bill for the timber frame houses, but also to bring a little inertia into the house and therefore to offer better summer comfort. Indeed, in summer, materials such as brick store heat during the day to release it in the evening when the temperature drops. A way to delay the rise in temperature and allow the house to keep the night freshness longer.

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Building a house near the Landes forest
The moorland forest, mainly made up of pines, promises magnificent walks.

The advantages of a builder from the Landes

Building a house adapted to the Landes climate

The Landes enjoy a mild and sunny oceanic climate, but also sometimes strong winds. THE builders locals know the climatic specificities of the region and design houses that optimize ventilation, insulation and resistance to bad weather. This guarantees optimal comfort and reduced energy consumption.

Which builder for a traditional Landes house?

Home builders in the Landes are familiar with local building materials. respecting the local architecture means using the traditional materials found in cities and Landes villages like wood and brick. A choice all the more judicious as these local materials will thus be more respectful of the environment.

A manufacturer who knows the territory and the players

Landscaper, swimming pool specialist…, the builder does not manage all aspects of the new house construction. Nevertheless, his experience allows him to know the trusted local professionals who follow him at home and in the garden. This facilitates the coordination of the various trades involved in the building your house, which can speed up the process and ensure the quality of the work done.

The importance of proximity and follow-up

By choosing a builder of houses in the Landes, you benefit from a geographical proximity which facilitates the communication and the follow-up of your project. You can easily travel to the site, meet the construction team and discuss the progress of the work.

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