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Since the successive deconfinements/confinements, the desires for more living space, more nature, more light are increasingly strong among the French. Acquiring or building a new home is a dream shared by many. And to settle, some regions of France are more attractive than others. The department of Gironde is one of these territories acclaimed for a new life. And Maisons Sic, builder of houses in the South-West for more than 20 years, explains why.


Construction figures for houses in Gironde still on the rise

New Aquitaine in general and Gironde in particular have experienced a real enthusiasm for new facilities in recent years. And the attractiveness of the region continues to grow, especially with the year 2000, which turned out to be complicated.

But already, in 2018, an INSEE report on the state of construction in New Aquitaine, showed that, contrary to the national average which was rather down, housing starts were already increasing in one out of two New Aquitaine departments, strongly in Dordogne, Vienne and Charente-Maritime (more than 17% over one year) , more moderately in Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Gironde (between 1% and 7%). In 2019, the Gironde concentrated around 41% of regional housing production. In New Aquitaine, this construction still mainly concerns houses (57%) unlike at the national level (39%).

construction figures in Gironde


The number of housing units in New Aquitaine has doubled over the past 50 years

According to another INSEE article, by Marc Joubert, “in 2018, 3 housing units were spread over the regional territory, twice as many as in 524. Thus, a third of the construction of main residences was less than 000 years old.” If we are witnessing a growth in second homes in city centers and municipalities outside urban influence, many constructions of new houses in Gironde are for a main residence. 


A very active real estate market in Gironde but prices for all budgets

Since 2017, the real estate market has exploded in Gironde and more particularly in Bordeaux, with the arrival of the LGV reducing travel time from Paris, among others. If this outbreak has strongly affected the purchase of old houses and the rental in the center of Bordeaux and its Metropolis, there are still possibilities in Gironde for the acquisition of houses, in particular through the construction of new houses. 

Indeed, as explained in our article on “Building your house in Gironde, the Eldorado of the South-West”, if the demand for land is strong in Gironde, there are still possibilities to find what you are looking for within your budget. Just step away a little bit from the most requested areas. The average price of building land is around 150 euros, but the territory is not homogeneous. Thus, we find land at 000 euros in the North of Blayais when they reach up to 15 euros for the same area in the Bassin d'Arcachon. 

And the land to be acquired remains of a good size since the departmental average of plots of land to be built is around 650 m2. 


Building your house in Gironde to take advantage of the attractiveness of Bordeaux Métropole

why build your house in Bordeaux Métropole?

Bordeaux and its metropolis constitute a very attractive territory and all the surrounding geographical areas have the chance to benefit from this undeniable dynamism. Driven by sustained economic and demographic growth, Bordeaux Métropole is a veritable pool of constantly growing jobs, a popular tourist destination and benefits from an exceptional campus and research centres. 


A constantly expanding employment pool

Bordeaux Métropole has an employment pool of more than 300 employees. And it is not ready to stop since it is the 000st metropolis in France for the rate of business creation. The Bordeaux metropolis benefits from cutting-edge sectors: aeronautics, laser, health, wood, federated into competitiveness clusters and clusters and strategic sectors such as digital, the creative economy, green sectors, higher tertiary. 


A certain tourist attraction

Driven by wine tourism, architectural and natural heritage, the Bordeaux Metropolis has become more than ever an essential destination. For example, in 2019, cultural venues in Bordeaux accounted for (according to Bordeaux Tourism) 1,49 million visitors in 2019, an increase of +16,8%. Visits to castles have increased by 10%. And business tourism follows this same trend, establishing Bordeaux as an international business destination, hosting 2019 congresses in 180 (excluding business and corporate events).


Major projects that further improve the attractiveness of Bordeaux Métropole

In less than 10 years, Bordeaux and its metropolis have seen some very fine projects come to fruition. We think of the opening of the LGV in 2017 but also the construction of the Arkea Arena, the Digital City, flagship building of French Tech Bordeaux, Development of the Operation of National Interest Bordeaux Euratlantique, the new large stadium and hosting of the Euro football championship, Emergence of new districts in the heart of the agglomeration, including the redevelopment of the Bassins à Flot.

Building a house in Gironde and benefiting from the influence of Bordeaux and its metropolis is therefore also an excellent investment for the future.  


Building your house in Gironde, just 2 hours from Paris with the LGV

One of the key words for the attractiveness of a territory is most certainly accessibility. The construction of the high-speed line (the LGV) linking Bordeaux and its region to Paris and Europe has reduced the travel time between Paris and Bordeaux by almost an hour. And the operation was clearly a success. In 2019, the director of the TGV Atlantique announced to Objective Aquitaine a “71% growth in traffic” since its launch. The results are just as positive among professional customers, whose attendance jumped 76% between 2017 and 2019, according to SNCF. 

And the repercussions are not only positive for Bordeaux but also for the whole territory of the Gironde. Indeed, still in the same article, Isabelle Boudineau, the vice-president of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, specified that the LGV generated an increase of around 10% in the use of regional express trains (TER) between 2017 and 2019. Connections between TGV and TER to the main cities in the region have increased by 60%, according to the elected official.


The construction of a house near the Bassin d'Arcachon / Cap Ferret: a dream that can come true

is it still possible to buy a house in arcachon cap ferret?

Another popular location for the construction of a detached house in Gironde: the entire Atlantic coast. Indeed, who says desire for wide open spaces says, for many, desire to get closer to the ocean. If the prices of houses to buy are necessarily higher as soon as you feel the spray, the professionals, as in this article dImmonot, recommends turning to nearby but less expensive municipalities such as “Belin-Beliet, Mios, Parentis, Salles where many housing estates offer beautiful locations.” Indeed, if an old house would be negotiated around 386 € on the Bassin d'Arcachon, a plot of the same size would be around 000 €, still according to Immonot. 

And don't forget that SIC houses is there to accompany you, advise you and help you in the choice of your building land in Cap Ferret and throughout its region.  

In addition to all the land partners we have, because of our long experience in the field (land developer, land developer, land developer, etc.), we regularly offer you sales offers to carry out your real estate project. Check our current offers regularly to choose your house in Lège Cap Ferret on land.


Entre-deux-mers, Blayais, Saint Emilion, Médoc: living among the vineyards

saint-emilion house

For those who prefer nature and gastronomy to the city or the sea, the Gironde is full of magnificent landscapes of vineyards. Due to the exploitation of wine, the economy is often quite prosperous in these corners of the Gironde and the small villages, with their bastides, never lack charm. 

Saint-Emilion is certainly the best known appellation. But there are still real interests today, financial and in terms of quality of life, to build a house in the Entre-Deux-Mers, the Blayais country or the Médoc. Among the most interesting and popular agglomerations and villages, we find Cubzac les ponts and Saint André de cubzac, which are a few minutes from Bordeaux by train or from the port cities built on the Garonne, the Gironde and the Dordogne (Libourne, Langon or Blaye).

The Gironde Estuary has also become, in recent years, by its dynamism and its relaxed lifestyle, a place that is still easily accessible, financially speaking, to build a detached house...


The Gironde estuary: a new Eldorado for the construction of individual houses in Gironde? 

why buy a gironde estuary house?

Only 50 km from Bordeaux nestles a little paradise still little known to those looking to settle in Gironde: the Gironde estuary sector. Because housing with gardens is more and more popular and therefore more and more expensive, because the land around the major centers of attractiveness of the Gironde inevitably sees their prices increase, buyers are looking a little further inland.

And the Gironde Estuary is in the process of imposing its qualities for the construction of houses, among other things. Indeed, apart from lower prices, the qualities of this environment between countryside, vineyards and river are undeniable. With all the conveniences (shopping centres, cultural venues, rich social life, etc.) as well as a certain sweetness of life, the small towns all around the Estuary are increasingly popular for new house constructions.

Blaye remains at the top of the cities, as does Cartelègue, for example, which have seen the number of constructions increase in recent years. The largest estuary in Western Europe is also the best preserved. Covering an area of ​​635 km², it is 75 km long and 12 km wide in its downstream part. And all around, we appreciate small villages like Plassac, the village of mosaics, Bourg sur Gironde and its cute little old center, Macau and its castle of Gironville, Cussac-Fort-Médoc and its fort Vauban and the very charming and almost already Atlantic Talmont-sur-Gironde, Mortagne-sur-Gironde, Meschers-sur-Gironde or Saint-Georges-de-Didonne.

Another very pleasant specificity of the Gironde Estuary are its islands, which appear and disappear with the sandstone of the tides. We appreciate Bouchaud Island; Patiras with its lighthouse and its vines; New Island and its nature reserve; Margaux Island, considered the most beautiful in the estuary; Macau; Pâté Island which is opposite the Fort; the green island forms a group with the islands of the North and Cazeau. They can be visited during cruises or observed during the crossing by ferry.


Building your house in the Landes pine forest: unfailing calm

or build your house in the moors?

The moors de Gascogne have two great advantages: they are close to the Atlantic Ocean and it gives forest lovers an environment as beautiful as it is wonderfully calm, with the bewitching scent of pine trees. Land of welcome since always, the moors remain a relatively preserved territory of the great tourism, while having known how to reinvent and revitalize itself. The Landes de Gascogne Regional Park is spread over the Gironde and the Landes department and land is much cheaper in Haute-Lande than on the south coast (Seignosse, Saint-Geours-de-Maremne, Soustons). But in Gironde, you can treat yourself to a very pretty piece of Landes near Hostens for example and its large lake or the pretty little town of Saint Symphorien. 



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