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Why build a scalable house in the South West?

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Build a scalable housemeans anticipating long-term changes. Our needs change over time. Children who are born or who leave the house, aging of the occupants, reception of the passing family, increase or decrease in income, how to adapt to these changes and design a house able to meet our needs?

What is an evolving house?

A evolutionary house is a home designed to evolve over time. The objective is to be able, without too much expense, to adapt to the changing needs of the occupants. The spaces are like this modularthanks to removable walls, plumbing and easily modifiable electrical networks, exterior doors and windows skilfully studied according to the different configurations of the interior space, etc. The idea behind the concept is to feel good in your home for the long term, without having to move or undergo costly renovations. Beyond that, the scalable buildings, are today seen as a necessity, in particular to allow the elderly to stay at home as long as possible, as explained by this article.

The wooden frame house evolves easily.

Building a scalable house a profitable investment

Planned in advance, future transformations are less complex to implement once the time comes. Heightening, extension, decompartmentalization, redevelopment, will thus be less costly. In the short term, the additional cost of the study, house plans, framework, equipment or foundations will thus be profitable in the long term.
In the same way, a future buyer will be charmed by a house that allows him to be modeled in this way and to adapt to his way of life, which makes it a strong asset for resale.

The evolutionary wooden house by essence

Among the materials of the house, wood is the flagship material of evolutionary houses. Indeed, the constructive system of the wood frame house offers more freedom for future changes because evolution work is simplified. The structure is easily drilled and the lightness of the wood makes it easier to consider the addition of additional modules.

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Modular partitions

A house for a multitude of possible plans? These are things that are envisaged from the outset with the single-family home builder. Well thought out, the kitchen will be open or closed according to your desires. The partitions are assembled and disassembled according to the needs and tastes of the owners. The living room can quickly be partitioned to provide a new bedroom on the ground floor or, on the contrary, expand thanks to the absence of load-bearing walls at strategic locations. The rooms can be divided if this desire has been anticipated, for example by increasing the number of windows and providing circulation upstream. In the same way, it is always possible to provide the evacuations and water inlets of a second bathroom and toilet

Equipment that adapts

It's important to think about the future when choosing your home's fixtures and fittings. A water heater or the heating system must be able to respond to changing needs. This is the whole point of modern equipment that is being developed today. Indeed, adapting to different needs makes it possible to limit energy consumption unnecessary. There are thus water heaters called smart which adapt the production of hot water to the number of occupants. Likewise the home automation systems control the heating systems to heat only where it is needed.

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A rental unit in my new house

When you have children, you always imagine them in the family home. However, children grow up, and first need independence, then leave home. Part of the house being unoccupied, it is then possible to design your house bearing in mind that part of it can become independent in the long term. For one small studio can be detached from the rest of the house with little work, this space must have at least an independent entrance, a soundproofing sufficient and the necessary water points. This second plan is a simple way to afford additional income in the future by offering part of your accommodation for rent. A really interesting investment according to the Current Woman website.

Anticipate new home extensions

Conversely, the house can also grow over the years, depending on the expansion of the family, but also on the budget. First-time buyers often favor small areas, which are not always sufficient when the family grows. A evolutionary house is designed to grow over time, needs and budget.

In an evolving house, anticipating future needs requires working in close collaboration with the builder of new houses.

Choose the right land for your evolving house

Each piece of land corresponds to specific urban planning rules which determine the footprint and the height of the buildings in particular. If we anticipate a elevation or an extension future, it is better to check that your land has the necessary authorizations. THE town planning rules are defined in the Local Urban Plans which can be viewed at the town hall. Your individual home builder Sic houses will be able to explain and decipher with you the possibilities of this or that terrain.

Provide convertible attics

The convertible attic, equipped with a traditional frame, are more expensive to build than lost attic, where the insulation and usually trusses are located. Nevertheless, if we anticipate needs for expansion, it is an investment that can be interesting. This unfinished space can be used as an attic at first and will give you time to develop it, according to your budget and your needs.

A traditional framework with the insulation between crawling releases the space of the roofs to offer a space to your future additional.

Anticipating an elevation

Even if you don't have the budget today, you might have the option of raising your house later. Objective, gain one or more additional floors without increasing thefootprint of your house. Fit out an office, create children's bedrooms, provide part of the house for rental, the elevation offers many options. It is also often one of the only ways to expand when the entire buildable area linked to the land is already in use. Anticipating this elevation requires a good knowledge of the urban planning rules related to the land. It also requires the provision of foundations and a suitable structure allowing this elevation. A possible overinvestment which can prove to be a winner, because when the foundations of the house are not adapted to the planned elevation, the bill can quickly be dissuasive.

Consider an extension

Extension to flat roof or not of one or more floors, veranda, when you feel cramped, adding an additional module offers many layout possibilities. Enlarge the living room, afford an office, children's rooms, move the kitchen, the possibilities are varied and much less expensive if they have been anticipated. This includes providing for easy extension of plumbing, heating and drains for example. It is also a question of providing walls that are simpler to knock down and sufficiently reinforced.


Build a scalable house is undoubtedly the best way to enjoy your home sustainably. It is never pleasant to leave a house designed for you and in which you feel good. Developing it is the best way to take full advantage of your new home. This work of planning and anticipation involves exchanges and significant work during the house design. A quality of listening that the teams of Sic houses put to work for all their achievements.


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