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Why build in the Landes?

Leaving Paris to build in the Landes

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You are seduced by the South West, but do not know where to go yet? Building in the Landes has many advantages. Between land, sea, mountain and tradition, this department is renowned for its gastronomy and its art of living.

Les Landes: an attractive department for building

The Landes geographical assets

After the Girondes, the Landes is the second largest department in France. And the region is remarkable in many ways. First of all for its magnificent coastline which stretches for a hundred kilometers along the silver coast. Then the Landes forest is the largest forest massif in Europe. Its maritime pines cover more than 65% of the department. Added to these two advantages is its proximity to the Pyrenees but also to Spain, just a few hours away by car.

A tourist hotspot

Hossegor, Biscarrosse, Seignosse, Vieux-Boucau or Mimizan…, the seaside resorts of the Landes are very popular with holidaymakers looking for nature and great beaches as far as the eye can see. The region is also renowned for the quality of its waters. Cities such as Dax and Eugénie les Bains thus contribute greatly to the reputation of the region since the latter is the first spa destination in France. Finally, the culture, architecture, festivals, traditional celebrations and gastronomy of the interior of the land... contribute to the attractiveness of the place.

The mild climate of the moors

Neither too hot nor too cold. The Landes department seems sweet to newcomers. The South without its disadvantages even seduces former inhabitants of the South-East, happy to take advantage of a milder climate. Be careful, however, because this oceanic climate is accompanied by wind and relatively frequent rains, especially in autumn and winter.

The maritime pines of the moors cover more than 65% of the department. An ideal setting to build.

Finding land to build in the Landes

The price of land to build in the moors on the rise

With these assets, the region seems the ideal setting for building your own home. Alongside the traditional local clientele, we now find a wealthy clientele of young retirees, and first-time buyers or working people made free to choose their place of life thanks to teleworking. See our article “Designing an office in your new home: the 6 steps"
The price of land in the moors has thus increased considerably since 2017 and the trend seems to be sustainable, as explained this article of the Sud Ouest newspaper. The average price of land in the Landes is thus around €110 per m2.

A territory with strong disparities

A highly sought-after coastline

This reasonable price, however, hides very large disparities. Unsurprisingly, it is mainly the coasts that attract customers. Prices are panicking on the coast, especially in the South. The cities of Cap-Breton, Hossegor and Seignosse are very popular and the price of land continues to rise. With a significant acceleration since 2018 since in cities near the Atlantic coast a beautiful piece of land can reach more than 800€ per square meter. In less popular areas, the price per square meter goes from €30 for rural areas to nearly €200 for towns near the coast.

Attractive cities

Inland the prices are more attractive Dax and Mont-de-Marsan remain safe bets. With not too expensive plots, since you can find serviced land for 65000 euros. A good opportunity for workers in the area. It is very difficult to find a rental in the region and becoming a homeowner offers security in a tight rental market. Building is also a good rental investment. See Article of France Bleu on the increase in the population of the department.

Find a builder in the moors

Define your project

The choice is of course made according to the price but also to its needs. It is first necessary to define the perimeter where one seeks a good, in particular according to a distance with the place of work. But also have access to the various amenities: shops, schools, doctors….
Your Maisons Sic builder will help you understand the disparities of land and their assets and will be able to advise you.

Homes for all budgets

The increase in the price of land unsurprisingly lowers the surfaces of both the land and the houses being built. If they are on average 1000 m² in the Landes, the trend is towards ever smaller building plots. Plots of 400 m² are increasingly common. The average budget for the construction of a detached house is around €120.
A budget that remains comfortable and allows you to afford, according to the Maisons Sic range, single-storey or two-storey houses adapted to your land.

Check out announcements of houses to build houses Sic in the Landes department


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