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New program in Gagnac sur Garonne

Construction of 8 townhouses in Gagnac sur Garonne

From 295 600 €

The place

Gagnac sur Garonne is located north of Haute-Garonne, in the natural region of Toulouse.

The city is distant, as the crow flies, 12,5 km from Toulouse, 35 km from Montauban.

The town is part of the urban area of ​​Toulouse, as well as the urban unit, the living area and the employment area of ​​this same city.

The program

  • 8 apartments in R+1
  • 35% floor area
  • Minimum of social housing, i.e. 3 dwellings
  • Each lot has two parking spaces
  • 1 visitor parking space
  • Container presentation area
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