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What is the price of a new house in the South West?

4 new houses south west

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4 new houses south west
Contemporary, single storey, flat roof, wooden house, the prices of new houses in the Southwest vary according to the models chosen.

261 euros is the amount invested on average by people who had their house built in 700 (land and house). However, the price of a new house in the Southwest can vary greatly depending on the options chosen.


Would you like to become an owner? Building a house does not necessarily cost more than buying an old one. But difficult to compare the prices builders because they vary greatly depending on the models and options chosen. What are the criteria to be taken into account, what are the prices land? What is the price of a new house in the South West ? What items can you save money on? Maisons Sic gives you some keys to find out if you can acquire the house of your dreams.

The price of a new house in the South West depends on the land

On average, the French spent 84 euros on the purchase of land in 100. The size of the latter is around 2020 m2. An investment that represents more than a third of the house budget. But all this conceals great diversity, particularly in the South-West where the price per square meter of land can be multiplied by 10 depending on the area. " Prices are very heterogeneous in Gironde. It is possible to find land at 15 euros in the Nord Blayais, when the same area can be bought for 000 euros in areas in high demand such as the Bassin d'Arcachon or the Bordeaux metropolis », explains Ian Munoz, Commercial Director of the Gironde at the builder of individual houses Maisons Sic. For Lionel Bouthé, regional manager Occitania for Maisons Sic, the attractiveness of the city of Toulouse is felt in the price of land. You have to go very far to find affordable land under 100 euros. " To keep a reasonable construction budget, buyers are content with smaller and smaller plots between 400 and 500 m2 ».


See the survey of the Ministry of Ecological Transition on the land and building prices for individual houses in 2020.

The price of land and buildings for individual houses in 2020


What is the average price of a new home construction in the South West?

On average, Ian Munoz tells us, the budget of Sic house customers in Gironde for build your house is 160 euros excluding land. " Our services are rather superior with medium and high-end houses. However, we also have attractive first prices for first-time buyers ". All builders combined, throughout France, the average cost of building houses is €183 for an average area of ​​300 m2. The average price per square meter of houses built in 2020 thus stands at 1 euros/m², compared to 523 euros/m² in 1. (Source: SDES).


The price of land and buildings for individual houses in 2020 – © Bertrand Gaillet – CGDD / SDES


The price of the new house varies according to the surface of the house

The price of the house obviously depends on the new house area. The larger the construction, the more materials are needed for the roof, the finishes, the structural work.

The average floor area built in France is 120 m2 today, for houses with three bedrooms and an office. But today, the surfaces tend to shrink. " It is now more natural to speak of houses of 80 m2 for a first-time buyer “, explains Ian Munoz. But this sacrifice of surface does not mean reducing its comfort. Because the whole point of having a house built is to be able to optimize its surface with a optimal plane. Avoiding wasted space, well thought-out cupboards, creating a space adapted to your needs, such as a custom-made desk in a corner, are all tips for taking advantage of every square meter.


The price of the new house is modulated by the foundations

When you build your house, the soil study determines the type of foundations needed depending on the nature of the soil. Indeed, if it is now possible to build on any land, the cost of the foundations can vary greatly.

The additional cost of the wooden house is 5 to 10% in the South-West

The heating mode influences the price of the new house

Economical electric heaters to buy

The equipment of the house has a great influence on the total price of new construction. Heat emitters and diffusers are expensive equipment, but essential. At Maisons Sic, the cost differences can reach 10 euros depending on the solutions chosen. Installing a central heating is thus significantly more expensive than installing electrical solutions such as heat pumps air/air or Joule effect radiators combined with photovoltaic panels.

Which heater to choose to save money in the long term

Be careful though, because the choice of a heating system should not be made solely under the prism of price. Thus ducted heating solutions from an Air/Air heat pump, or the Air/water heat pump combined with a heating floor free up space, offer great comfort, constant heat in the house and guarantee energy savings.

The cost of energy must indeed be taken into consideration when choosing a heating appliance. Even if the houses built today consume very little energy for heating and domestic hot water, this price is constantly rising. The most economical solutions, such as those using renewable energies, will therefore pay for themselves more quickly.


See our article 12 advantages of duct heating in a new house in the South-West


The price of the new house changes according to the level of equipment

Choosing swing shutters instead of rolling shutters means saving 500 to 1000 euros depending on the number of windows in the house. Changing the color, size, or quality of joinery also has a direct impact on the final price. In the same way, increasing the height of the ceilings will increase the bill but will have a direct influence on the atmosphere of the house.

Sometimes it is the location of the house and the land that dictate certain expenses. Thus, a southern orientation will probably require larger roof overhangs to protect the house from the sun's rays in summer and guarantee optimal comfort. Similarly, depending on the altitude of the house or the choice of your heating appliances, it may be necessary to reinforce the insulation of the house so that the house complies with the requirements of RE 2020.

All these choices will be made with the individual home builder who will be keen to help you reconcile your desires and your budget. Some will choose a very equipped house and cut back on the size of the house. Others, on the contrary, will favor the living space. The important thing is to have a home that matches your needs and aspirations.


What type of architecture is the most affordable

Single storey or floor, which house is the cheapest?

It all depends on the size of the house. For small surfaces (from 80 to 100 m2 approximately), the single-storey house is less expensive than the two-storey house. Indeed, it eliminates the addition of the intermediate floor, and the staircase which represent (approximately 10% to the price of the house). On larger surfaces, this ratio is no longer true and even tends to reverse. Indeed, the larger the single-storey houses, the larger the frame and the roofing of the house. However, these are important positions in the construction of a detached house. At Maisons Sic, the City, a range of two-storey houses offers a first price of around 137 euros for 500 m2. The range of Performance single-storey houses starts at 126 euros for 500 m2.


The more economical simple forms

To save money on your home, it is better to favor simple, compact and traditional shapes. With this type of house, it is easier to achieve good thermal performance because the walls offer smaller heat loss surfaces. Thus, compact houses save on the insulation item in particular, but also on the networks, heating and water.

In the same way, the frameworks and the more complex roof with 4 slopes which are generally associated with this type of house, such as those of the Carat line at Sic houses, will necessarily be more expensive to produce. Here again, prices will remain affordable with a first price for this line at around 154 euros for 000 bedrooms and 3 m2.

The Horizon model a house with a flat roof for less than 210 euros.


What price for flat roof constructions?

Resolutely contemporary, flat roofs are on the rise. On the other hand, flat roofs are more expensive because they require more labor. Waterproofing is indeed more difficult to achieve than with a traditional tile or slate roof. The price of flat-roofed houses is generally higher than that of traditional houses. On the other hand, these constructions save space. At Maisons Sic, you can find first prices for houses with roofs around 189 euros, such as the 000 m Horizon model.2. But again, the prices are flexible according to your desires.

What prices for the wooden house and the brick house

The wooden house today remains more expensive to build than a wooden house. traditional brick. " The additional cost in the Southwest is 8 to 10% for an equivalent model. However, it remains affordable even for first-time buyers, with prices starting at around €1650/m2 », informs us Cédric Léman, head of wood projects at Maisons Sic. Thus the Mob12 model of 90 m2 is accessible from 139 euros. This is good news, especially since the wooden house has other advantages such as reduced construction times, very good insulation and a very good carbon footprint.


New house: which level of finish to choose?

Choose a turnkey house

To be able to compare the prices of the different manufacturers, it is necessary to define the level of finish chosen? A new house delivered turnkey will not require any work on your part. Kitchen, bathroom, heating equipment, paintings, tiles, parquet, everything will have been done for you.

What is the cost of a house ready to decorate?

However, it is possible to keep part of the work. By choice of economy, or to have a more personal house, because you want to go through particular craftsmen and materials. Thus, you can keep the finishing work, such as painting, wallpapering, laying floor coverings, but also fitting out the kitchen and the bathroom. The objective will generally be to reduce the construction budget by carrying out certain accessible works yourself. If the economy is often a hundred euros per square meter, we must not forget that carrying out the work yourself has a cost and above all takes a lot of time.





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