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What kitchen in a new house?

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a large open kitchen with central island seduces the inhabitants of new houses.

The kitchen in a new house is entirely designed according to your needs. It must be functional and meet your desires for a welcoming and easy-going home. Configuration, location, find out how to design the kitchen of your dreams.


How to plan your kitchen in a new house?

To get your project off to a good start, observe your habits. Look at what you like and don't like in your current home. The surface of it in the first place will help you to assess your needs, in terms of space and number of cupboards. This will give you an idea of ​​the ideal kitchen size. Then make a list of all the elements that seem essential to you. Appliances, the dining area, your favorite storage, the size of the worktops, high cupboards, low cupboards. Draw a rough plan to put your ideas into place.

Why go through the builder for a custom kitchen?

Your Maisons Sic builder will then help you develop the ideal plan that meets your tastes and needs. An in-house kitchen designer will take over to provide you with a functional, tailor-made kitchen adapted to your budget. No bad surprises, the plans of the house and the kitchen overlap perfectly for your greatest comfort.
Furniture, fronts work plans, Sic houses offers a wide selection of kitchen models to meet all desires.

Visit the virtual showroom to find inspiration.

Imagine a functional kitchen

In a kitchen, there are three activity zones: the cooking area, the washing-up area and the pantry area with the cupboards and the fridge.
the idea is to be able to move easily and quickly between its three zones.
Some essential points:
– To clear the plates: combine the dishwasher, the sink and the trash can and leave a free space on the worktop.
– Storage for clean dishes must be provided near the dishes or the drainer.
– Provide a space for breakfast with outlets for the kettle or coffee maker and nearby cupboards for storing bowls and food.

How to choose between an open or closed kitchen?

Choose an open kitchen in a new house

The open kitchen is undoubtedly the preference of the French today. It offers an incomparable feeling of space by enlarging the living area and increasing the general luminosity. Always more elegant, open kitchens do not distort the living room and on the contrary give it a lively aspect. Depending on taste, they blend into the decor thanks to increasingly varied fronts that easily match the furniture in the dining room and living room. It is also possible to visually enhance this space with a false ceiling. The last trend is towards kitchen islands which make the link between the different spaces of the living room. Marie Claire Maison magazine offers some examples of open kitchens to find inspiration.

House plan with separate kitchen

The kitchen can also have its own room. Less trendy, this solution also has its followers for whom it is preferable to protect the living room from cooking smells, kitchen noises, but also from the vision of cluttered work surfaces. The other advantage is to gain a wall on which to place storage. The separate kitchen is also a friendly place where you can have meals in a more cozy atmosphere.

The canopy separates the kitchen from the living room while providing playful volumes and maximum light. find here this project carried out in the marmandais by Maisons Sic.

Build a house with a semi-open kitchen

For those who don't know which solution to choose, why not make a mix between these two solutions? Separated from the living room by a glass roof, the semi-open kitchen offers a crazy charm to the houses and allows natural light to circulate freely. the partitions will also serve to conceal cluttered areas from plain sight. this type of partition also attenuates noise from the kitchen. In this article, the magazine maison & Travaux, presents 30 kitchens with skylights.


How do I choose the layout of my kitchen furniture?

The I-shaped kitchen for small kitchens

This straight shape is suitable for all spaces, even the smallest ones. On the other hand, the lack of a work plan and the non-fluid circulation do not make it very functional. This is a kitchen best suited to a single couple or a small studio.
See our article Design a small functional kitchen when building your detached house.

Well designed, the I-shaped kitchen offers a maximum of cupboards in little space.

The L-shaped kitchen

It is the most practical kitchen for spaces of around 10 m2. Traffic is easy and there are a few work surfaces to cook with peace of mind. the return wall will be at least 1,20 m. A well-designed corner cabinet, which will allow you to store as many things as possible, will be the essential ally of this kitchen so as not to waste space.

Parallel working planes

No need for a large room to fit out this very functional kitchen. A room with a width of 2,50 will allow you to have everything within reach and to cross or open drawers, refrigerator or dishwasher without getting in the way.

The kitchen with island

This is the big trend of the moment. The central island serves as a kitchen table, separation, worktop and storage. If it is planned from the start with the builder of the individual house, the central island will have the networks (water, electricity, etc.) to also accommodate the cooking area or the sink.

Designing a separate kitchen with maximum storage in a new house.

Very large U-shaped or G-shaped kitchens

Three to four walls of storage and worktops, that's what those who like to cook dream about. Ideal for large spacious rooms over 17 m2, this type of layout can also be used in an open kitchen. One of the returns then serves as a bar or dining area to delimit the space. Here again, functional corner furniture is not chosen lightly to take advantage of every nook and cranny.

A house plan with utility room

Hide, the water heater, ventilation, store canned food, put away basins, brooms and other unsightly elements of the house, but also accommodate the laundry area, the back kitchens accommodate everything you do not want to see . Placed in the extension of the kitchen, this room will be the ally of a modern and refined open kitchen.

Once you have determined the shape of your kitchen, all that remains is to choose the style. Follow our article: 5 current trends for a practical kitchen in your new home.


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