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What are the trends and prices for wooden houses in Gironde?

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Modern and of various shapes, wooden houses are becoming more democratic. Knowing what the prices of wooden houses in Gironde are is essential to go from dream to reality.


« There is an obvious craze for wooden houses in Gironde reveals Cédric Leman, head of wood projects at Maisons Sic. It is in fact in the region that the house builder, based in the greater South-West, carries out the most construction sites for wooden houses.

The prices per m2 of the wooden house in Gironde

Despite ever-increasing demands, wood construction represents only 5% of building permits in the department. In question, higher prices than those of traditional construction, and a reputation as an elitist material.

« Elitist the wooden house? No ! », Defends the manager. " Prices are only 8 to 10% more expensive than traditional construction. Especially since the additional cost could be offset by the energy savings and the year-round comfort provided by the wooden house. ". At Maisons Sic, the wooden house starts at €1550 per m2. For a very contemporary model like theAloha and an area of ​​131 m2, prices start at 250 euros excluding land ».

What styles of wooden house in Gironde

90 m wooden houses2 at 130 m2

In Gironde, 50% of requests concern houses between 90 and 110m2. For the rest, 35% will concern houses of 110 to 125 m2 and 15% for very beautiful projects over 130 m2. When they can, residents prefer single-storey houses, which are cheaper and easier to maintain.

Houses of various shapes

« As for the shape of the houses, tastes are quite divided. It is therefore very difficult to identify a trend “says Cédric Leman. Modern constructions with varied volumes, houses with flat roofs, as well as more traditional architectures each have their audience. " Wood itself adds style to a home. In our catalog, everything that is done in traditional can be done in wood. But dressed in wooden cladding, the models immediately take on another dimension. ».

Click here to discover the wood catalog of Maisons Sic as well as the other ranges, all available in wood version.

House model 2024 Pyla wood 106m²

The wooden house in Gironde: wooden cladding, coating or both

Wood cladding, if it is often associated with wood construction, is not mandatory. In terms of the exterior aesthetics of the house, tastes are quite divided. " The finishing coat is as much appreciated as the wooden cladding says the head of wood projects at Maisons Sic. " The trend is now to mix a coated finish and a wood finish ". This modern and dynamic approach also has a technical advantage. The idea is also to protect the facades most exposed to the rain or difficult to access with a coating, which avoids more regular maintenance.

Different sectors where the wooden house flourishes in Gironde

At Maisons Sic, wood projects are mainly spread out from the tip of the Médoc to the Basque Coast. “We also have a lot of requests in the Bassin d'Arcachon,” explains the timber builder.

To find out more about trends in Gironde, see the article Building your house in Gironde, the Eldorado of the South-West

Arcachon basin and coastline: the natural trend is back at a gallop

Audenge, La Teste, Lacanau, Andernos, Biscarosse, wooden houses flourish on the Arcachon bay. It must be said that wood is a historical building material there. In order to build without distorting the spirit of the country, they are designed in the spirit of the huts that litter the ports. They are thus generally covered with a vertical cladding with joint cover similar to that of the tchanquées huts.


Coastline: the wooden house fits into the landscape

Along the coast, wood also finds its place. The wooden house harmonizes well in these natural and largely wooded landscapes.

Like the Arcachon basin, these sectors are highly sought after. As a result, the price of land is quite significant. The projects are primarily carried by a well-to-do public, young retirees or fifty-somethings. Profiting from the resale of a first property, they now wish to settle in a welcoming environment to build their dream home.

build your wooden house in the Arcachon basin
Still wild, the Girondin coast attracts new inhabitants in search of nature

The landscapes of between two seas and Bazadais

“These are sectors that are also very popular. The landscapes are hilly, and the countryside remains accessible,” says Cédric Leman. In these landscapes, marked by vines and wood, wood construction finds a setting of choice. The more affordable land prices make the dream accessible to as many people as possible, especially first-time buyers.

The Bordeaux metropolis: still small houses

In the Bordeaux metropolis, wooden house projects are rare. “Everything is obviously linked to land, which is rare and very expensive in the conurbation”. Limited by space and a tight budget, the future residents have very little freedom in their projects. In this context, wood construction is a little less present and lends itself better to extensions and elevations.


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