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Which shutters in a new house?

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Swing shutters, rolling and sliding the different shutter models each have their strengths and functions. Protect from the sun, strengthen protection winter thermal, block out the light or prevent break-ins which shutters to choose in a new house to ensure the well-being of the occupants? Sic houses offers you some tips for choosing the models best suited to your needs.

Different models of shutters 

Install shutters in a new home

It is certainly the most economical solution. With one or two leaves, the shutters equip the majority of old traditional houses. Insulating, secure and durable, especially for the wooden or aluminum models, they dress the facades with elegance bringing them a touch of color. On the other hand, they are not suitable for large window widths or Windows.

Shutters market by type of shutters in 2020 in % of volume. TBC innovations

The simplicity of roller shutters seduces the new house

The roller shutters represent 74% of the market for shutters installed in France in 2019. Their ease of use and the possibility of motorizing them make them very popular equipment for new homes. Assuring thesoundproofing and thermal protection, occupant safety, and guaranteeing good screening, they fulfill many functions in the home.

Sliding shutters for summer comfort

Less common than the other two, this model has many advantages. It punctuates the facade, closes more easily than the swing shutter without the need to lean out of the window and is suitable for large openings. THE sliding shutter is a very suitable model for Windows which allows greater fluidity of circulation than a roller shutter.

What functions for my shutters in a new house?

A shutter to protect the house from break-ins

The windows and Windows are vulnerable points that should be protected as well as possible from intrusions. The shutters are important protections. They must first be solid. THE wooden shutters and aluminum shutters reinforced are difficult to break through, especially if they are reinforced with safety bars. THE shutters are a little more fragile, but the thickness of the shutter will make its strength.

The roller shutters are now very secure. In both aluminum and PVC, they now have anti-pulling systems, anti-pick, and anti-uplift.

The certification NF202 or AP2 standard demonstrate resistance to break-in attempts. Varying from 10 and 150, the IRP index (Pressure resistance index) allows you to compare products with each other. The highest value corresponding to maximum protection.

Shutters that conceal

Block out daylight to ensure a peaceful sleep is one of the functions of the shutter, especially for the bedrooms the full swing shutters fill this role well, even if they let in a few rays of light. THE roller shutters are ideal for those who are sensitive to morning light and enjoy sleep in the dark complete. On the other hand, the more a window is obscured, the less the air passes, which does not ensure night cooling of the house in summer.

The louvered shutters protect the house from the sun's rays but let in daylight. They also allow the windows to be opened at night, to cool the house in complete safety.

Insulate the house from noise and cold

Placed in front of the window, the shutter reinforces thethermal insulation window at night which slows down heat loss. Likewise, thesoundproofing is reinforced which is interesting for rooms at night and people sensitive to noise. These functions are performed by the roller shutters (with insulated box), like the wooden shutters, aluminum or PVC when they are full. Wood is a naturally insulating material. THE aluminum shutters are reinforced with insulating foam for greater efficiency in winter and to prevent overheating in summer. THE louvered shutters do not perform these functions.

Shutters for summer comfort in Gironde, Gers or Haute-Garonne

Today our houses take up the principles of bioclimatisme and open to the south with large glass surfaces to let in the sun's rays and limit our energy consumption in winter. But pay attention to thegreenhouse effect in summer ! To avoid overheating, it is important to protect windows from the sun on the south, east and west facades. In the South West our houses must protect themselves from the sun. A function that can be provided by the shutter.

No question of living in the dark. THE louvered wooden shutters let in daylight. A good way to protect the house from overheating without letting your indoor plants die.

Here the advantage will go to louvered sliding shutters, especially in front of the bay windows, where they allow movement inside/outside, interior light and summer comfort.


Ideal in Gironde or Haute-Garonne, the automation of the shutters makes it possible to better manage the interior temperature of his house.

Motorization and home automation for energy savings

Going around your house to close the shutters is not always easy, especially if you have a large two-storey house.

The motorized shutters make it easier to open and close the shutters. The control is next to each opening and can be centralized somewhere in the house to close the shutters when leaving the house in the morning and protect it from break-ins or the sun's rays.

The engine is ideal for elderly safety and young children who will no longer have to lean out of the window to open or close the shutters.

To go further, a home automation solution will allow you to create life scenarios to open and close the shutters according to the course of the sun on your facades. A way also to give the illusion of a presence when you are on vacation.

Today, whatever the model chosen, it is possible to motorize it. These solutions are nevertheless more expensive for shutters casements et sliding that for roller shutters.

If you fear power outages solar shutters are today very powerful and offer the comfort of a motorization in complete autonomy.


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