Builder of individual houses for 50 years

throughout the south-west of France


Builder of individual houses for nearly 50 years, the Company Sic houses is located in the Great South-West of France and in the Paris region.

Our teams are regularly enriched with qualified collaborators in different areas of intervention: design office, site manager, commercial, administrative...

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Discover in video the job of Terrasier, via the portrait of Patrick Bourriague, site employee at Maisons SIC for more than 20 years.

Founding profession if there is one, the navvy dig the site of your new house to prepare for its construction, via solid foundations, perfectly determined according to your land.  

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Find out about the job of carpenter video with the portrait of Didier Orjubin, site employee at Maisons SIC for more than 15 years.

Le carpenter carries out constructions as diverse as carpentrys traditional, timber-framed houses, etc. On site, he implements the structures in wood and materials derived from wood that he receives from the factory.

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Discover in video the profession of drywaller, through the portrait of Denis Broqua, site employee at Maisons SIC for 22 years.

Denis specializes in insulation work.

He installs panels or prefabricated partitions in wood or plasterboard and assembles them on the ceiling and on the wall.


Discover the job of plasterer on the CIDJ portal.

Discover the profession of Builder on video with the portrait of Nicolas Brette, site worker at Maisons SIC for 18 years.

Nicolas prepares the foundations going up the crawlspace. He assembles the breeze blocks adherence to plans provided to him. 

Jovial, he explains to us in this video what he likes about his job and what differentiates the construction of Maisons SIC from others...

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Meeting with Manu Ferreiro Borges, Freemason and employee at Maisons SIC for 18 years
Manu is in charge of setting up the house on the land and mounting the exterior walls with brick. 
He explains to us in this video what the different styles of bricks are and how the construction of a two-storey house goes. 
Discover the job of mason on the CIDJ portal.
Meeting with Cyril, commercial in the Lot-Et-Garonne sector.
Cyril explains to us how a sale takes place in the field of individual house construction.

It also gives us some information on the role of the commercial adviser and sheds light on the strengths of the SIC Houses.

The job administrative assistant brought to us by Chantale who takes care of everything related to the relationship with customers, as soon as construction begins. 

Chantal takes over from the sales people, and she liaises with the technical teams.

She is often on the phone with clients to follow up on construction sites, to answer their questions and make billing calls as the site progresses.

Meeting with Fabrice, draftsman at Maisons SIC since 2016.
Fabrice is in contact with the sales representatives. He receives the files and produces a first plan which will be used to cost the project.

Subsequently, his role will be to get the building permit and to produce all the necessary views (sections, facades, ground plans, location plans, etc.).

Meet Martine Laborde, in charge of sales administration within Maisons SIC. Helped by her 3 assistants, she accompanies all the administrative stages of the sale, from the signature to the opening of the site.  

His multivalent profession ofexecutive assistant allows him to support clients as a team in all their administrative procedures.  

Martine is in contact with many legal and financial departments and all the Maisons SIC teams, closer to customer satisfaction 

Discover Thierry Pittico, technical director of works. Il has known Maisons SIC for more than 30 years. Thierry arrived as an apprentice mason, evolved and rose through the ranks.  

He is now the head ofa team of 15 works supervisors and 3 technical managerss. Together, they build, on the ground, the individual houses of the customers.  

Thierry has a perfect knowledge of all the technical professions, allowing each site to be carried out perfectly, in a good team spirit. 

Nicolas Propy is works supervisor et manager of salaried site teams (earthworks, EVS, masonry, carpentry, drywall, tiling) at Maisons SIC.

 This former laborer in masonry has climbed all levels within the company Maisons SIC. He places at the heart of his profession the notion of quality of work, friendliness and human relations, supporting each trade on the worksites.