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Meeting with Françoise and Éric, settled in the southwest for 2 years

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Françoise and Éric opened the doors of their house to us, which we built in the pure “Arcachonnais” style. After 28 years in Paris, this couple from the south-west decided to return to their roots.


Building in the southwest, a life project


Following a professional life spent in the hotel industry and IT, Françoise and Éric decided to build a large house to be able to welcome people. Their thinking first led them to look at the old one, but they couldn't find anything that suited them.

Their choice therefore fell on new construction and it was at the Paris habitat show that we met them for the first time.

Find to read the construction trends from Paris.


Be accompanied from Paris to build in the southwest


Our Parisian teams accompanied Françoise and Éric from start to finish of their project. Late meetings after work, points on the construction site when travelling, our sales advisers in Paris have always been present.

Éric explains: "these are not just exchanges by email or telephone, but there were regular recaps at home, in the evening after work".

“Listening and support are important,” adds Françoise.

We did an article on the construction stages from Paris.


Teams of site employees, a rare approach in the construction industry


“Having teams of site employees is an argument that we have not heard elsewhere”. This has indeed been one of the strengths of Maisons Sic for 50 years: mastering the construction value chain. Our site employees work on our clients' projects on a daily basis. Accustomed to teamwork, they can move forward quickly and efficiently.

You can find the portraits of some of our site employees.

Added to this is the construction group which works on many construction sites. Here, the very specific joinery was provided by siba : 7 tilt-and-turn porthole windows and a large half-moon bay window proved that all the teams in the group could bend over backwards to fulfill the wishes of customers.


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