Builder of individual houses for 50 years

throughout the south-west of France
Come meet us and enter the temple of the “individual house”. We have a permanent exhibition on more than 2000 m² in which we have recreated on a scale 1, the stages of the construction of a house. From structural work (foundation, floor, wall, framework, roofing, plastering, tiling) to finishing work (heating, electricity). We have made this exhibition available in order to reveal the underside of a detached house and make our construction system better understood by all our future customers. Always in the same desire to control the constructive chain of a single-family house, we offer a wide range of choice of materials, accompanied by our decoration consultants and kitchen designers, you can consider properly finalizing your house. Cupboards, dressing rooms, kitchen and bathrooms are visible in our permanent exhibition hall. Contact us to benefit from a personalized appointment.

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