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The art of Site Monitoring with Maisons Sic: an innovative customer experience

How to make a successful site visit?

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Site monitoring, a crucial step in the construction of a new house, can be a source of stress for future owners. Fortunately, a good builder knows how to support his clients, whether they are nearby or not, at each stage of the project, to transform this experience into a serene and controlled journey. Among them, SIC houses stands out for its expertise and human approach. With more than 50 years of experience, Maisons SIC offers sound advice for peaceful site monitoring, thus ensuring peace of mind and total satisfaction to its customers.


The importance of site monitoring during the construction of a new house

successful site monitoring

Well-orchestrated site monitoring is the key to successful, safe construction that meets expectations. He implies close collaboration between the owner, the builder and other stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of communication, planning and following established procedures.


Planning and organization of site visits

Construction requires meticulous planning. Establishing a detailed work schedule is crucial to ensure smooth progress and avoid delays. Rigorous planning is the cornerstone of a successful project.

Ongoing dialogue and scheduling regular meetings are essential to keep all stakeholders on the same page. These interactions facilitate proactive problem solving and ensure that all parties are informed of progress and changes.


Inspections and site monitoring visits: regulated times

Visiting the site frequently allows you to monitor the progress of the work and making sure everything goes according to plan. These visits provide an opportunity to inspect the quality of work and make informed decisions in real time.

Although owner, access to the site may be limited. This measure aims to guarantee security and legal liability until official acceptance of the work. Knowing and following these rules is crucial.

It is important to understand that access to the construction site is often regulated by the construction contract. Visits are nevertheless possible, particularly before calls for funds, to check the progress of the work.

For unscheduled visits, it is advisable to schedule meetings with the manufacturer. These interactions allow for progress to be discussed and plans to be adjusted as needed.


Reports and minutes: strategic importance for site monitoring

Document each stage of the project through detailed reports is essential for tracking progress and identifying areas requiring attention. These documents serve as a reference for evaluating performance and planning future steps.

Effective site monitoring is essential to guarantee compliance with safety and environmental standards. It also ensures that the project remains within budget and on schedule.


The different stages of site monitoring

foundation site monitoring

For every house construction project, clients are actors in the procedure with the site manager, the central pivot of the project but also with the sales representative, who often develops a very strong relationship with clients whom he follows step by step.

Site monitoring meetings are then held depending on customer availability, so they can be there every step of the way.

As José Dias, regional sales director at Maisons SIC, explains, “you should know that the construction contract, the CCMI, imposes obligatory steps on us in site monitoring. It provides for passages at different stages of construction. »


Technical development

This step is not required by the contract CCMI. “But we have put it in place, at Maisons SIC, because it is the first meeting that will take place with the clients, the site manager and the sales representative. It is the one which precedes the concrete start of the construction site. »

Generally occurring three to four months after signing the construction contract, technical development allows the client, if he wishes, to modify certain things, on the plan for example, after reflection.

If he can no longer touch the exterior of the house, he can modify the interior here: the partitions, the direction of opening of a window, a door... And following this meeting, the final plans are validated, which will be used for the construction of the new house.

“We are therefore starting the project with plans which have been freshly drawn and signed with our clients. Then we create a new technical file based on the modifications and one month later, we start the project. »

During this adjustment, customers also go to the field to check the layout of the house. This allows, for example, the site manager to show in a factual and concrete way how high their house will be in relation to the natural terrain.


The poured foundation stage

The first site meeting takes place when the foundations are poured. “When we open the site, we start with what we call earthworks and, two days later, the foundations are poured. »

This stage of the construction contract triggers invoicing.

“At Maison SIC, what is different from many builders and colleagues is that once the foundations are poured, the foundations are due and therefore the invoice can be issued. At our place, we hold a meeting with customers before sending the invoice. We will validate the foundations position together. »

At each stage, the Maisons SIC teams will meet the client on the ground. and have him sign the report corresponding to the day's shift.


The walls, the roof, the partitions, the plumbing…

Once the “structural work” is completed, which each time represents a stage, a site monitoring meeting and invoicing, the builders will tackle everything related to plumbing, sanitary facilities, tiling, etc.

There then exists other site visits which take place as the construction of your new house progresses :

  • the completion of the walls;
  • removing water;
  • the completion of the partitions and the removal of air;
  • completion of equipment, plumbing, carpentry, heating and exterior cladding work


Pre-acceptance of the site

Once the house is finished, at Maisons SIC, we organize a pre-reception meeting. “We consider that the house is finished and we invite the client, always with the site manager and the sales representative, to go around the entire house and check that everything is compliant. »

Et final acceptance can only be made when all reservations have been lifted in advance.


Site reception

On the day of the site acceptance meeting, Maisons SIC gives, among other things, to clients, a maintenance booklet so they know what they have to do to maintain a house.

“We also ask them to complete a satisfaction questionnaire on this occasion. That is to say, we will ask them in a concrete way what they think of the administrative service, the commercial service, the technical service. »

Often, customers complete this questionnaire in the company of the Maisons SIC teams and, quite naturally, become company ambassadors ready, sometimes, to open the doors of their house to present it to future owners.

“95% of the feedback we get is that people are ready to recommend us, they are ready to open their doors to us. »


Site monitoring for remote clients

site monitoring of houses sic

When customers are not on site, the teams will also agree with their schedule to organize meetings when they want. They also have the possibility ofsend someone to represent them during site monitoring meetings.

“Most of the time, when they can't go down to the South West, we organize a meeting via WhatsApp. Either we organize a live meeting, which allows us to show things via a camera, by videoconference. Either we send them videos and photos”

As soon as the contract is signed, Maisons SIC teams create a WhatsApp group with customers and all those who will actually work on this project: the site manager, the technical director, the design office and the sales representative.

Groups that allowoptimize flexibility and speed of response to various customer questions, in order to reassure them as quickly as possible. A solution that customers particularly appreciate, due to the precision of the information.

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