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Land then House: the 5 advantages of a turnkey project

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According to Housing division of the French Building Federation, 60% of people who hire a builder have not yet purchased their plot of land. This is why most home builders, such as SIC houses, offer their clients to help them find land that would be ideal for their future home. 

We have already told you about 10 questions to ask yourself when choosing the right building plot for your house. Find out here what are the advantages of a construction project that can make it possible to find the right land and the right house, thanks to the same builder. 

It is important that you understand thata builder cannot sell land + a directly related construction project (this is the job of a promoter). Here, we are talking about support in the search for land, then a house construction contract, the two acts being decorrelated.

Land + House: the advantage of a modern villa, “ready to decorate”

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Finding land through its future builder offers many advantages for future owners. Maisons SIC offers its customers find land (of agencies, individuals, etc.) before building their new home. 

The customization of a turnkey project is one of the main advantages of a modern villa. Buyers of a new home can choose the design and characteristics of their future home according to their tastes and needs. They also have the option of customizing finishes, flooring and equipment for a made-to-measure habitat.


What 2023 trends for the design and interior decoration of your new home?

2023 trends in design and interior design can also be considered when customizing a modern villa. Builders offer house models that meet buyers' expectations in terms of aesthetics and functionality. 

Modern villas are often endowed with great luminosity and successful integration with the external environment. For example, it is possible to choose a minimalist style with open living spaces, neutral colors and clean lines. 

For a warmer atmosphere, you can opt for bohemian decoration with ethnic textiles, floral patterns and exotic decorative items. Current interior design trends also include the use of natural materials such as wood, stone and leather.

A “ready to decorate” house is an ideal solution for buyers who want a modern and suitable home, without worrying about finishing work. The expenses related to the adaptation to the ground and the costs of connection to the network are included in the price of the villa. 

Future owners can thus benefit from a new and personalized house, ready to be decorated according to their wishes.


House and Land for significant financial savings

home construction financing

Buying land and building a house can be an expensive and complex project. That's why many builders help their customers find the right land, to achieve significant financial savings. On average, we are talking aboutsavings of 10% to 15% compared to a classic offer (land and house sought and financed separately) on the costs of acquiring the land and the house, through a single intermediary. 


Builders usually have agreements with specialized companies for network connections, which can reduce costs for future owners. They can also offer more efficient insulation and heating solutions, thus making it possible to achieve significant energy savings over the long term. For example, the use of solar panels or a heat pump can considerably reduce the energy bill.

Maisons SIC is thus in direct contact with land partners for the sale of land directly between the partner and the future customers (without intermediary of the manufacturer).


Financial support for a home builder

Individual home builders often have partnerships with banks to offer attractive financing offers for buyers. This allows future owners to benefit from advantageous interest rates and monthly payments adapted to their budget.


Choose a construction project with land for real time savings

The Land then House offers offered by builders make it possible to simplify and speed up the construction process. And therefore to save time.

The choice of a construction project with land saves time in the search for available land that meets everyone's expectations. Manufacturers can then offer land already developed and connected, thus avoiding the tedious administrative procedures associated with the purchase of land.


The perfect site management of a new home builder

Builders can also offer turnkey solutions for the design of the house, thus making it possible to save time in finding an architect and a construction company. The plans are pre-established and the choice of finishes simplified; time is saved. 


Accompanied by a team of professionals for carrying out the work, the house builders will also go faster in site management. The work is organized and supervised by a whole team that is committed to avoiding delays and logistical problems.

Finally, the Land then House offers offer finishes already made, a house ready to be lived in, without additional work, which would take time. 


Support for your builder from A to Z: the Land then House offer 

Builders provide full and personalized support for future owners. They then take charge of all aspects of the project, from the search for the land to the delivery of the turnkey house, including house plan design, carrying out the work, coordinating the craftsmen, site management, finishing, and even after-sales.

First of all, the builders support the future owners in the choice of land according to their needs and their budget. They have one in-depth knowledge of the geographical situation and the specificities of each terrain, which allows them to offer appropriate solutions.


Then the builders take care of all the administrative formalities related to the construction of the house, such as the building permit or the thermal study. This allows future owners to focus on the most important aspects of their project such as financing.

With regard to this aspect, manufacturers offer banking partnerships to help buyers find their financing. This allows future owners to benefit from advantageous interest rates and monthly payments adapted to their budget.

Finally, some manufacturers even go so far as to offer oadvantageous offers for interior and exterior fittings, such as kitchens, living room furniture, bathroom equipment or garden facilities at reduced prices.


Ten-year guarantee and security of mind with the land then house formula

The construction of a house by a professional guarantees the security of mind of future owners, thanks to the establishment of a contract for the construction of an individual house (CCMI-law of 1990). 

She understands a ten-year guarantee, which covers future owners in the event of damage that may affect the solidity of the construction or render it uninhabitable. This warranty is valid for 10 years from the acceptance of the work and allows future owners to have peace of mind in the event of a problem.

This law contains many very protective clauses, such as a detailed description of the components of the house, an overall, fixed and final price, payment in installments according to the progress of the work and a guarantee of delivery at the agreed price and time.

In the event of abandonment of the site or bankruptcy of the builder, his guarantor (a specialized insurer) is responsible for finding another professional who will complete the work without the purchaser paying additional sums. 

Urban artist the intervention of the notary is not obligatory. It is important to emphasize that in cn framework, the 1990 law prohibits the builder from selling the land directly to future owners.


Les Maisons Sic offer you much more than just a land proposal, because choosing a land is not just a matter of taste. We offer carefully selected land, where we check many criteria such as the surface, the nature of the basement, the possibilities of construction, the viability and the town planning rules in force.

We have many land offers available, but some are not published online. do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the land we can offer you in all the regions of Aquitaine and Midi Pyrénées. 

We put our expertise and know-how at your disposal to help you find the ideal land for your real estate project.


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