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South-West land: 13 reasons to be interested in parcel division

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Divide to live better, proposes the plot division. Owner or in looking for land in the South West, realize your projects!

It is sometimes difficult to find land to build the house of his dreams. There plot division still makes it possible to unearth opportunities for new homes in town or in popular areas of the South West. The principle is to cut out a large area to create several building land. The advantages are numerous, both for the buyer and for the owner. Obtain cash flow, sell goods more easily, find land or make investments, parcel division may be the solution.

Find a building plot in the South West

Today the land to build is becoming rare, especially in the South West. The opportunities often come from large plots that it is now possible to cut into several parts. This possibility has been extended by the Alur law which no longer prevents plot divisions. The occasion of build new house that corresponds to your wishes. Of Bordeaux à Toulouse, Through the Pays Basque, Or Arcachon bay, as detailed here by the Sud-Ouest newspaper, this phenomenon concerns all the regions of the South West.


Plot division to fight against urban sprawl

The suburban areas reinforce theurban sprawl. The larger the plots, the more land must be artificialized, roads built, networks installed and land that is often fertile has to be nibbled away. To fight against this phenomenon, it is necessary to densify. Getting closer to one's neighbors also means getting closer to the downtown, use the car less and thus make a very small gesture for the planet.

Divide your land to limit your maintenance costs

Un big field represents a lot of work or expense for its maintenance. A constraint that can quickly become insurmountable as you age. Rather than moving, selling a small part of your land has the advantage of reducing these costs while benefiting from a heritage that you can invest in another project.

Selling a piece of land to finance work in your house

Made possible by a plot division, the sale of a piece of land offers a significant inflow of money which, for example, makes it possible to finance work that was postponed until the next day. Refurbish your house, do renovationsenergy saving, expand your home with an extension, go on a trip or help your children settle down, so many projects that it is now possible to carry out by separating from a part of land.

A particularly attractive land price

Today, land is scarce, especially in town but also all over the South West. As a result, the price of building land explode. THE small lots are now in high demand and easier to sell, as our specialist in new house construction en Gironde in this article.

Sell ​​your property faster in the South West

It may seem surprising, but sometimes it is easier to sell two properties rather than one. In the attractive towns in the South-West, land and houses are now rare and expensive. As a result, it is the small plots that are popular. It will then be easier to find two buyers at affordable prices than one for a higher price on the whole lot.

Make a bigger capital gain on the sale of your house

You want to sell your house with a large lot. Why not sell the house on one side and a piece of land on the other? By making two sales instead of one, you will be able to achieve a higher capital gain on your sale.

A plot of 800m2 allows to consider a second construction thanks to the parcel division.

What minimum size to divide a land in the South West?

Wherever real estate pressure is strong, as in Gironde, On the Arcachon bay, or in large cities such as Bordeaux ou Toulouse and even in the smallest towns, land of 400 m2 are much sought after when formerly the land of 1000 m2 were more common. It is now possible to detach a piece of land with an area of 300 m2 and a individual house builder as Sic houses will be able to adapt the construction to cramped grounds.

Most configurations are suitable

Of course, not all terrains are suitable for this type of plot division. A significant slope, a significant opposite on the future construction or the location of your current house which interferes with future construction (access in particular), sometimes requires a review of the project. A builder of new homes as Sic houses will check with you the feasibility of the project.

Carry out a real estate transaction

It is also possible to buy a large piece of land to build two houses and sell one. In order to benefit from a tax exemption on the real estate capital gain, some people first build a first house that they live in while a second house is being worked on.

Building a new house on your land is an investment, with a view to renting or reselling it.

Build to rent or resell

It is also possible to launch a new construction on new plot to rent or sell it. Rent a new property assures the owner that he will have no renovation costs for many years. Another advantage, you take care of the builder yourself which allows you to choose the aesthetics of the future home. Finally, by opting for a wooden house, you ensure that the work is shorter and less noisy, which saves you the inconvenience during construction.

Afford a new house thanks to the parcel division

Divide the plot of his house old is also the possibility of finally having the new house of which you dream. You like the location of your house, but now you want a Modern House and new better suited to your needs? You can then sell your old house and build a new house, for you, on a parcel of your land. A solution often chosen by people who are getting older as explained in ce previous article.

Build a house for the family

Staying close, but everyone at home, is also possible thanks to the plot division. You can build on your land individual house to accommodate your children who have grown up or your own parents who will be close to you without being too intrusive.


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