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Work for a builder: Site manager in a single-family house

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Foreman in a company like Maisons Sic means being the conductor of the construction of new houses. Team management, work control, planning, customer relations, this key role calls for men with technical skills and good interpersonal skills.

Arrived at Sic houses As head of salaried worksite teams almost two years ago, Nicolas Propy quickly found his feet within the company. " It is a builder who really respects the standards and aims for build quality. All houses are made like this crawlspace, with particular attention to the foundation quality He explains.

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Site manager: a job that promotes experience

It must be said that the site manager has experience. “I started at the bottom of the ladder as a laborer in masonry. I climbed the ladder little by little. Of leader, I became site manager, a position I held for more than 18 years before taking this position as manager of construction site salaried teams ". This new function at Sic houses adds new strings to his bow. navvies, masons, carpenters, plasterers, tilers, site manager manages all the teams working on a site. " I spend a lot of time on construction sites, but I also have some office work with the planning management or material orders ».

Direct, plan, control, the site manager has strong technical skills and relational.

Guarantor of the progress of the work

Team management, planning, works control, the site manager controls the smallest details of the progress of the individual house. Compliance with standards and deadlines, he makes every effort to ensure that the house is delivered on time and meets customer expectations.
A role that requires knowing how to show strong technical skills, but also good relationships, both with customers and with the site teams. “ With teams, you have to know how to build a relationship of conviviality and trust so that things go well ". Its role is to ensure the well-being of the teams, to distribute tasks and to ensure that everyone has what they need to work peacefully. “ Personalized foundations to the tiling going through the frame, I follow the progress of the site and prepare the material deliveries and equipment. I make sure that everything arrives on time on site. The teams must have nothing to bring except their tools “says Nicolas Propy.

The site manager is the guarantor of the quality of the work

Capable of intervening quickly in all situations, Nicolas Propy does not hesitate to lend a hand to the other employees of Sic houses on construction sites. Its role is also to ensure the quality of the work. Over the course of its Experiences and its training, the site manager perfectly masters the building rules, safety standards, And technical regulations which aim to ensure the build quality. Having to ensure that the site progresses within the deadlines agreed with the client and the defined budget, the site team manager is called upon to take decisions and responsibilities on a daily basis.

The site manager helps clients monitor the progress of the site.

Site manager: interface between the site and the customers

The manager of the employee teams also has a big role to play with the client, whom he informs of theprogress of work. It is also he who participates in the various meetings which mark out the construction as well as in the house reception. Technical advice, customer relations, financial monitoring, site manager in individual houses accompanies and advises the client throughout the operation.

Well integrated into his new job, Nicolas Propy hopes to do as well as his predecessors: “ I am replacing a person who retired after 16 years of service, who herself replaced a person who retired. I hope to do the same ».

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