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A home cinema in a new house

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Installing a home cinema in a new house is an opportunity to take full advantage of this home theater. With family or friends, watching movies, sporting events, or playing video games then takes on a whole new dimension. In the show or in a dedicated room, the installation of a home cinema in new construction cannot be improvised. To take full advantage of the sound and the atmosphere, it is better to anticipate for an optimal realization.


Why plan a home cinema from the start of construction?

In the same way that we design the smallest details of the kitchen to know where to put the sockets, it is necessary to plan the location of its TV corner et multimédia. A home theater requires a large amount of cable to connect the various elements: speakers, televisions or projector, amplifiers, DVD player, computers, box etc. Of course, it is always possible to bet on the Wi-Fi, but one wired network works better. Knowing which devices you want to equip and where they will be placed facilitates future planning. consumer association What to choose, offers a comparison to help you choose. It is also necessary to anticipate the desires for change, to provide access hatches for the cables and sheaths in the false ceilings and to note well where they are placed. It is important to define the layout of the devices in advance. Will they be positioned on a piece of furniture, hung on the walls? Where will the speakers be placed?

Design and cable-free installations

Having your house built is also an opportunity to remove all unsightly cables and even certain equipment. Already, you have to know what devices you are going to equip yourself with. If you want to install your TV on the wall, the most elegant thing is to have no visible wires. A power outlet and a RJ45 concealed behind the device will be ideal. You can also provide ducts at a second location. THE built-in speakers ceilings are discreet and distribute the sound throughout the house discreetly.
Build your house is thus an opportunity to install a sound system so that your radio programs or your music follow you in all the rooms.

What is an RJ45 socket

Sometimes called ethernet or network sockets, the RJ45 sockets allow the passage of multimedia signals. They are used to connect television, computer, telephone… Since August 3, 2016, and the change of the NF C 15-100 standard, installation of wiring and universal outlets RJ45 is mandatory in new house. They are connected to a communication box, itself linked to the internet box, to distribute telephone and TV signals to the outlets of your choice. These sockets RJ45 are to be expected in almost all rooms of the house and mainly in the one dedicated to the home cinema.
Le communication box, also connects the RJ 45 sockets together so that the various devices can communicate with each other without using WiFi.

The ethernet socket is well suited to a home cinema installation in a new house.

Plan the acoustics of the TV area

In a totally empty room, the sound reverberates on the walls. Thus, a library, carpets, flexible floor coverings are to be preferred in your corner home cinema to enjoy quality sound. But for fans of minimalist decorations, and floor tiles, it will be necessary to provide wall panels. Be careful, however, not to overprocess the room at the risk of having a sound that is too muffled. A good sound depends above all on the quality of the speakers, the amp and their location. A well-thought-out decoration should offer sufficient acoustics without the need for complex implementation.

Interior sound insulation for everyone's peace of mind

THEsoundproofing of the room that hosts the home cinema is important. The objective is to avoid transmitting the vibrations throughout the house and even outside. It is thus possible to enjoy your television or movies at any time without fear of disturbing all the other occupants. A soundproofing reinforced interior partitions can be expected, such as a well thought-out location away from the sleeping area. Interior plasterboard partitions with a sound insulation flexible, works on the mass-spring-mass principle and isolates noise well. Insulating doors will also prevent sounds from passing from one room to another. If the installation is located upstairs, thefloor sound insulation is also important. In addition, a flexible floor covering, carpet or rug that absorbs vibrations is recommended.

To learn more about the subject, read our article Sound insulation of his new house in the South-West.

TV or video projector?

Today the flat screens creep everywhere. On a TV cabinet for a traditional look or hung on the wall for a more contemporary appearance, they offer a modern look to your interiors. The video projector is one of the most popular image reproduction methods.
However, integration is not necessarily easy. Build your house is an opportunity to make your TV completely invisible by hiding in the false ceiling. It can complement a television and be reserved for the projection of films.

In a new house, knowing the location of your wall-mounted television makes it possible to get rid of unsightly cables.

To build a room dedicated to the home cinema?

If most often you want to enjoy your television in the living room, it is also possible to provide a dedicated room. This is obviously the ideal solution for creating a acoustic perfect but also to achieve the ideal conditions of darkness without disturbing the other inhabitants. Prefer a quiet place, far enough away from the bedrooms. The room should neither be too small to benefit from optimum sound and sufficient recoil nor too large to benefit from the cocoon effect. In any case, the size of the room will determine the size of the screen and the power of the audio equipment. This dedicated room can also be used as an office, a music room...


Home cinema and home automation system

A home automation system aims to simplify the whole. Objective is to have only one remote control to replace all the others. It is also possible to have other functions of the house communicate with thehome cinema setup for a truly modern installation.
By designing the whole from the house design it is thus very simple to connect the roller shutters and lighting when the television is switched on.

To understand all the advantages of home automation, read our article Building a new house with home automation: the 5 trends of the moment.


Having your new house built is truly an opportunity to realize your dreams and achieve greater comfort. the integration of a home cinema like that of a home automation system is thus much simpler new construction than under renovation.


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