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A wooden terrace for my new house

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The wooden terrace is often the central element of the new house in the South-West. A healthy, natural and warm material, wood has something to seduce. Discover the advantages of the wooden terrace.

La costs of your house has not yet begun that you are already projecting yourself onto your wooden deck. You are not alone. 16 million m² sold in 2021, such is the market for wooden terraces in France. An impressive number that continues to grow. Between 2019 and 2021 alone, the market accelerated sharply (+34%). At this rate, sales could reach 25 million m2 by 2025. This is what emerges from a study carried out by the professional association "Le Commerce du Bois". Figures that make you dizzy, but which are not surprising.

The garden and the terrace, key elements of the new house

The favorite occupation of the French in their garden ? Relax and party! This emerges from the Unep-Ifop survey "the French and their garden " of 2019″. They are also 89% to consider that their garden used to beautify the house. From this survey also emerges the desire for a return to nature. All these reasons certainly explain the French craze for wooden terrace.


Table taken from the survey “The French and their garden: a relationship in transition”. Unep-Ifop 2019 survey. Aspirations related to the wooden terrace.

The advantages of the wooden terrace

Elegant, aesthetic, natural, the wooden deck has something to appeal to individuals. Neither too hot nor too cold, wood is a comfortable material for walk barefoot. A comfort that suits especially when the terrace has extended to swimming pool area. Finally, the wooden terrace is installed on several types of supports, whether it is a concrete slab or raw ground. It can also fit on a slope, for example to gain flat spaces without terracing.

The different types of wooden decks

Again, it's all a matter of taste. We will preferably choose blades for a timeless look on a large terrace which connects the inside and the outside. Well suited to large spaces, the boards of the wooden deck elegantly dress the swimming pool beaches and know how to marry all shapes. THE slabs, also known as grating, are ideal for smaller surfaces, such as balcony ou small terrace. Interlocking with each other, they can be installed in record time without any special skills on flat ground. There are several widths of slabs for a wide variety of results. There checkerboard pose brings rhythm to your exteriors.

Decking wood is water resistant, even swimming pool water, and offers great walking comfort.

What wood for the terrace of my new house?

We must not forget that wood is a living material. It expands, retracts, reacts to water, takes on a patina under the effect of the sun. Its outdoor use therefore requires some precautions. We need adapted and controlled products.
Naturally rot-proof, the exotic woods attract more and more French people. THE pine and coniferous less durable require treatments. You can also call on rot-proof wood such as chestnut, theacacia, Robinia or larch. In most cases, it will take a wood class 4. This means that this wood is resistant to contact with water, which avoids being attacked by insects and fungi.
Finally, the composite wood is a synthetic material made of wood fibers and polyester resins. It is easy to maintain, resists bad weather and also knows how to imitate wood, almost to perfection.

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A terrace to fit out small spaces
The wooden terrace is suitable for nooks and large spaces. Ideal for creating an atmosphere and easily inserting lights.


Lay your own wooden deck

If you are a bit of a handyman, the laying a wooden deck is within your reach. Especially since the products available on the market are increasingly simple to implement. This will allow you to do some savings in the construction of your new home. Your builder may possibly be responsible for costs for the masonry slab on which the wooden terrace. The pose on this flat ground will only be easier. Raised or flush with the ground, the wooden terrace is relatively easy to install. However, its implementation requires compliance with strict rules. In all cases, it is necessary to determine the height of the terrace and provide for rainwater drainage. On a regular, masonry or tiled floor, the strips or slabs are placed on joists for a relatively inexpensive pose. On uneven ground, laying on adjustable studs is easier.


What maintenance for the wooden terrace?

La wooden terrace is an exterior work that requires some care. With a maintenance regular, it will retain its solidity over time. It is therefore appropriate to apply a saturator once a year with a brush. Anti-stain and anti-splinter, this product penetrates deep into the wood to nourish the fiber and waterproof terraces. In addition, a defoamer will remove any moss, algae and lichens that may grow on the wood. THE composite wood does not, however, need treatments.


Wood goes well with all types of materials

What meaning for decking boards?

Meaning is a matter of taste. Most of the time, care will be taken to extend the interior space. Thus, if you have parquet in the living room, the boards of the terrace will follow the direction of laying. In the absence of this indication, one will generally prefer blades parallel to the facade. This is due to the fact that we prefer to walk perpendicular to the blades.

Customers of Sic houses are often tempted by wooden deck. This then becomes the central element of the house. Throughout the South West, individuals are letting themselves be tempted by wood to offer a smooth transition between their new home and nature.


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