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Financing SIC Houses

Find the best FINANCING solution

A house construction project requires an appropriate financial solution. Thanks to our partnerships with various financial organizations, we offer solutions according to your personal situation, Professional et family and. We are here to make your dream home accessible.

Land houses SIC

Find the best FIELD solution

To make your individual home construction project a success, land is essential. Its nature, its orientation and its environment influence your future home. Our technical teams analyze these aspects (and even more) for you, so that your house meets the RE 2020 standards. Thus, together we find the optimal field solution for your well-being.

Modern House Plan Elegance Carat South West

Find the best DESIGN solution

The design of your home building project should reflect your lifestyle and your needs. Whether it's a primary or secondary residence, our architects work with you to design a home that meets your expectations, while respecting the urban planning rules in force.

Let's design the house of your dreams together

Realizing the project of your dream house is a collective adventure. At Maisons SIC, we are a team of passionate professionals : architects, navvies, masons, carpenters, plasterers, sales representatives, draughtsmen, sales administrators and technicians. Together, we bring our expertise to each stage of your project.

Elegance Vancouver South West wood cladding house
House construction

Realize your house construction project with Maisons SIC

With SIC Houses, your house building project becomes a reality. Thanks to our financial partnerships and our team of insurance and mortgage brokers, we offer you a turnkey solution. We are committed to respecting the urban planning standards in force to guarantee you a quality construction.

Our guarantees for your home construction project

At Maisons SIC, we are committed to providing you with optimal security for your home building project. We work under the Individual House Construction Contract (CCMI), which guarantees the price, the delivery time and a damage-work insurance. Trust us with your project.

An ecological house plays with the sun to guarantee the comfort of the inhabitants.

From idea to reality: 5 steps to make your house construction project a reality with Maisons SIC


The creation of your construction project

Starting your home building project is an exciting time. At Maisons SIC, we accompany you in the search for the ideal land, taking into account the environment, orientation and connections.

With our support, you will find the land that perfectly matches your expectations. At the same time, we help you find the financing best suited to your situation, thanks to our partnerships with financial organizations. We make your home construction project a reality, in the best conditions.


Administrative procedures

Your home building project requires several administrative procedures. At Maisons SIC, we take care of these formalities for you. From building permit application to compliance with planning regulations, we ensure that your project complies with all regulations.

With our expertise, you can focus on what really matters: imagine your future home.


The technical design of your home

Technical design is a crucial step of your home building project. At Maisons SIC, we help you choose the plans that meet your expectations, from the placement of the living rooms to the orientation of the house in relation to the land.

Do you want a garage, a terrace, an attic or expansion possibilities? We incorporate all of these elements into the design of your home.


The construction and construction of your house

The construction stage is the culmination of your home building project.

At Maisons SIC, we supervise all phases of construction, from earthworks to the laying of the framework, including masonry and plating. Thanks to our team of professionals, your house takes shape in the respect of deadlines and quality.


Home delivery and after-sales service

The delivery of your home marks the completion of your home building project. At Maisons SIC, we make sure everything is perfect for your move.

After delivery, we remain at your side with our after-sales service. Indeed, every house we build is guaranteed for 10 years, for your serenity.